Range Information

Club ranges are for member use and are not open to the general public. Guests may use our club’s ranges if they are accompanied by a member in good standing, while taking a firearms course, or attending a special event that is open to the general public. The ranges are closed to member use during all shooting events,league nights, the annual youth fishing derby, firearms training courses, and work parties due to safety concerns. The ranges may be closed at other times if needed.

Always check on the website home page, website event calendar, and this page for notice of any range closings or any scheduled events before you head to the club to shoot. Every effort is made to provide members advance notice of range closings. If no closure is scheduled, but you arrive and find an ongoing event, please do not use the range and/or shoot.

Club members and their guests must adhere to all posted and written range rules at all times. Failure to adhere to ALL the range rules may result in disciplinary action for members and revocation of guest privileges for non-members. No exceptions. It is of vital importance that the posted shooting hours are complied with. Please don’t shoot before open hours nor after closing time. 

Always clean up after yourself and leave the range and club grounds in the same as, or better than, condition then you found them. Take all spent casings home with you, or place them into the white casing recycling buckets located on the range. The club recycles the casings that are placed into the white buckets and then sells them, with the proceeds benefiting the club. Please DO NOT place any trash into the recycling buckets! Take it home with you. We are a carry in and carry out range facility. Don’t leave trash left by others. Please pick it up and dispose of it. Do not leave target backings such as cardboard, on the range. This becomes a garbage area very easily.

If you have any questions about use of the rifle or archery & trap range(s) you may write, call, and/or e-mail us for more information. You may also contact the Range Captain, Assistant Range Captain, or Field Captain directly for assistance.