The 2017 ESC Fishing Derby was held on Saturday, May 13th. We were blessed with nice weather with a bit of chill in the air. The ESC Fishing Derby is wonderful tradition that is enjoyed by many children in the Exeter area. This year’s derby had 167 children registered and at least that many parents attending as well. A big thank you to Mike Keech and Joe Kennick for planning and running this event. A lot needs to be done to carry off this event. We had volunteers directing traffic, registering kids, making pancakes, measuring fish, cleaning, stocking fish, handing out awards and prizes and building a fire to warm those kids got cold and wet. Thank you to all our volunteers! The kids had a great day.

2017 Prizes Awarded

Good Sportsmanship Award - Spencer Bateman (13 yrs old) climbed a tree to untangle and retrieve a child’s fishing gear.  Last year’s recipient, Merrill Tode, presented the the largest trophy, Spencer selected a a new fishing rod and received a Sud’s N Soda gift certificate.

Largest Trout Award - Audrey Roulston (6 yrs old) for her 13-1/4 inch Rainbow Trout.

Largest Non-Trout - Devin Stone (11 yrs old) for his 15 inch Large Mouth Bass.

Smallest Fish - BrandonTruman (14 yrs old) for his 3-1/4 inch Sunfish.

1st Trout Limit Caught - Damien Levitt (7 yrs old) for his 4 trout.