View approaching clubhouse
Shooting from the 25 yard shoot house
Some of the members at an Exeter Sportsman's Club event
View from the 100 yard shoot house
Archery at the Exeter Sportsman's Club
A winner leaving the clubhouse porch with prize
Exeter Sportsman's Club and adjacent pond

Rifle/Pistol Range

The rifle range offers members a place to sight in their favorite firearm, or to simply enjoy shooting, safely and in total comfort out of the elements from one of 3 shooting houses. The houses are located at 25, 50, and 100 yards. The houses are lighted allowing members to shoot longer and later in the year. There is additional range that is dedicated to rimfire and suppressed firearms.

On Tuesday nights, for league schedules and special events, the rifle range is reserved from 4:30PM - 7:30PM. 

With the exception of approved reactive metal targets, no metal objects of any kind shall be used on the rifle range as a target. In addition, no fragmenting material such as glass, sheet-rock, etc... shall be used as targets. Clay Pigeons may be used because of their biodegradable quality. Please contact the Range Captain with questions.


The range may be used for archery practice. There are no range restrictions for archery. Please use caution when/if the rifle range is in use. Always alert members on the rifle range that you will be using the archery & trap range for safety reasons.

Bring your own archery targets. Paper/cloth targets and3D animal targets are allowed. Bring your own hay bales or target stands. Please take your gear home. Please do not leave it behind for others to pick up.

Effective the summer of 2016 there is an Archery Implementation Committee assisted by the Work on Wednesday (WoW) crew, that is developing a more formal 80 yard archery range on the old trap range. Please contact the Field Captain with questions.